The version of the BrainX3 app that I an building is based upon the original BrainX3 app and will use the same brain model and connectome system as the older app. The 3D model of the brain will be displayed in the center of the radial menu. The radial menu will have 4 segments that the user can click on.When the user clicks on each segment of the menu the selected segment will “light up” with a light blue color fill.

The menu will be done in a radial style in order to work as naturally as possible with the VR aspect of the app.The user will bring up the radial menu by clicking and holding the center button in the VR version and clicking and holding the left mouse button in the non VR version. The user will be able to “zoom into” the interior of the brain by walking forward into it. They will then be inside the interior of the connectome system. The connectome system is made up of collections of nodes that represent different connected parts of the brain. By hovering over each node with the cursor the user can view a detailed description of that particular node’s role in the brain.