This project is my master's thesis. The goal with this project is to create a system for the visualization of EEG data over time. The purpose of this project is to simulate an EEG recordings in a virtual brain using real MNI coordinates. Thereby allowing researchers to freely explore their own EEG simulations. This project was made for the lab SPECS as my master's thesis for the Cognitive Systems & Interactive Media masters program at the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. It involved translating MNI brain coordinates into a Unity friendly JSON file using python and data analytics libraries, and then building the visualization system itself in Unity using C#.

The aim of my thesis project is to design a visualization system to explore brain data. In particular to allow a user to explore time series data in an interactive and 3D way using the concepts of data spatialization and information foraging.  

To download the full project and see my code, go to my github page here.